• 2013.10.07 Catheter Marker Bands

    Model Catheter Marker Band Visibility under X-ray

  • CathRAD(TM) Process Flow

    CathRAD® Process Flow

  • Monte Carlo Simulation Results

    Understand Visibility Variations w/ Monte Carlo Simulation

  • 2013.10.05 CathRAD Summary of Matls

    MySQL Hosted Materials Library

  • Export to MS Excel

    Export CathRAD® Results to Microsoft Excel

Welcome to CathRAD®

CathRAD® is the first commercially available software to predict and analyze the visibility of catheter marker bands under fluoroscopy. CathRAD® will allow you to understand and quantify the effects of marker band material, geometry, and part tolerances on the marker band visibility. The software may also be used to understand the visibility of radiopaque polymer formulations including Barium Sulfate, Bismuth Sub Carbonate, Bismuth Oxychloride, Bismuth Trioxide, and Tungsten.